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  1. eldirian

    WTS Lvl 60 Troll Male Mage (Nighthaven)

  2. eldirian

    Hunter Level 10 Quest Bug

    Try deleting your WDB folder and re-take the quest.
  3. Hello, I'd like to sell / switch my character. I realized I much more enjoy a healing class, so I'm trying to sell this one so I could buy a healer from the char auction. It's a somewhat fresh lvl 60. My char name is Halaster. The name was inspired by Halaster "Mad Mage" Blackcloak from Forgotten Realms lore. Profession: Enchanting 290/300 Tailoring 292/300 First Aid 300/300 Cooking 299/300 Riding 75/75 + 60 % mount The price in the Character Auction is 990 coins.
  4. Thanks for info. Another question if I may: When I buy a Faction Change for 350 coins, does it (can it) involve name change too? Or how does it proceed? I create a new lvl1 char of desired race in the other faction, name it whatever and when it is copied over, it aquires the original name too? Furthermore, if I want to both customize and rename a character, I need to pay 150+250 coins for it? Thanks for info, I didn't find answers to it anywhere
  5. Hello, I was looking at the character auction and I wondered if there is a way to tell which professions (and how high skill) the characters have. It's a very important factor when deciding to buy one. A character with say enchanting, tailoring 300/300 is much more valuable than the same without any professions. This applies for riding skills etc.... So, is there a way to tell? Thanks for info
  6. Good news! Thanks for information and all the effort.
  7. No, it wasn't angry. Chill out ๐Ÿ™‚
  8. That's not a complain, sir. I just pointed out that giving any exact date/time often leads to disappointment in the end. That's why GMs/developers never do it. It's impossible to know things for sure in this "business". But I feel your good will therefore you gain a like from me ๐Ÿ™‚
  9. Hm, such a letdown. Why give an exact day when it's not 100 % sure?! On other occasions devs usually give approximated time, but in this case we got a SPECIFIED day so I thought it would be it ๐Ÿ˜ž
  10. eldirian

    Account closed?

    I changed my password to no avail. Still it's closed. I didn't time myself out too. I've just made a thread about "ban appeal" so someone could look into my problem. Thanks
  11. eldirian

    Account closed?

    Even though I can log into it on the website? I activated double authentication on it today. Should I still make a ban appeal? I have another account that is functioniong. I just wonder about my to-be transfered character.
  12. eldirian

    Account closed?

    Hi, just wanted to verify if my account is closed because of the closing during the "drama" last year? I mean, I can't login into my account saying it was closed. I was never banned. Will it be open again after the character merge? There should be my character restored on that account, you see. Account name: eldirian Thank you
  13. @Paparia I don't care about any materials or gold. I'm glad I'll have my character back, be it naked or anything. Gear is replaceable. The fact that devs will allow people to transfer gold and materials is just their display of good will.
  14. The only acceptable way for me would be selling Gold for Elysium Coins. But NOT the other way around - no buying ingame Gold for Elysium Coins. This way players could farm gold to, for example, buy a race/faction change, if they really wanted it. But - as I stated in my first post on this topic - noone should be able to buy riding skills, enchants, mats etc. with Elysium Coins (= real money).
  15. So you can buy 28 slot bags for Elysium Coins (= real money). I thank you for your information.