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  1. Arnica

    Aggro is not "blizzlike"

    There was no reset spot(s) in Vanilla. Reset spots are this kind of evolution of WoW that some people hates since WotLK, the turn hack'n'slash and abandon of the holy trinity.
  2. Hello, Following a race change of my priestess via the shop, the desperate prayer spell has disappeared from my spell bar as well as from the spellbook. Consulting the trainers indicates that the Desperate Prayer spell is to be relearned at all ranks but inaccessible. Usually this spell is acquired after a low level quest. Except that all npc granting the quest "Desperate Prayer" whether in Elwynn Forest, Dun Morogh, Teldrassil, Darnassus, Iron Forge or Stormwind offers none. Bug or forgetfulness of the Elysium team? Please provide a solution.
  3. Arnica

    Ninja looting, again

    After you "mate". Lead the way !
  4. Arnica

    Ninja looting, again

    08/25/2020 17:50 ST Lemoncrush - Mage geared T2 robe - Rolled on dreadmist robe instead Harmonika. Then make a shard and roll random on shard. Zloyt (el huerto) : 13 Harmonika : 27 Shard given to Zloyt. When the raid leader asked what happened Lemoncrush said Zloyt won the shard. Middle fingered. You can't make a good guild longer with toxic people nor a smart server. You're experienced you know it's right.
  5. Arnica

    Ninja looting, again

    It seems it's a joke for many. 08/08/2020 23:39 ST Udyr The first fire druid ever Edit : french client then google that.
  6. Several cases of ninja-looting at The Silver Crusade, Alliance. Including three cases in one week. The latest, the magister's robe stolen by Darkwaifu (warlock - The Silver Crusade - Gamers Zone - Grimoire) from his guildmate Harmonika (mage). How his character is optimized, there is no blurring. WATCH OUT.
  7. Arnica

    reset profession

    No restore in game. May be a character restore at a previous date. But i doubt game masters do a such thing.
  8. Arnica

    Please fix the server

    For my part i can't connect to Stormrage server. Looks like out of order.
  9. In the same state since 50 days too. May be the other character in other faction will never come back and mine will be stuck forever...
  10. On Classic : - More regeneration. - Many tems are enhanced (or level required reduced). - Elites mobs (in particular in dungeons) do 30-40% less damages and critical hits. - Like on Nighthaven server, improved talents and gears abilities procs much more than the original vanilla. - Characters run and attack speed, mobs attack speed are a little bit increased. - Drop rate of many quest items has been increased (like Nighthaven). - Some animated quests (Durnhold for example) have been cut short. - Visual graphics have been enhanced (it is beautiful but strangely heavy for a good graphic card). - Many classes abilities doesn't work properly or are a bit slow to run. - Get down a potion is not instant but need about one second animation. - And many more details. Classic is more punchy but also easier, in particular dungeons. Not very challenging.
  11. Encouragement for this special day. There will certainly be better ones. 👋
  12. Arnica

    Void Express

    Addendum 2 : Where's the claim-form for the dozens of lost items ?
  13. Arnica

    Void Express

    Addendum 1 : 2 rugged leather stacked sent === Voiiiiiiiid Expressssss Jingle ===> 1 received. 1 rugged leather sent === Voiiiiiiiid Expressssss Jingle ===> 0 received. 1 another rugged leather sent === Voiiiiiiiid Expressssss Jingle ===> 0 received. 1 blue ribboned wrapping paper (heading) + 1 rugged lether sent === Voiiiiiiiid Expressssss Jingle ===> both received. 1 blue ribboned wrapping paper (heading) + 1 runecloth bag sent === Voiiiiiiiid Expressssss Jingle ===> both received. 1 blue ribboned wrapping paper (heading) + 19 neverweave cloth + 1 light feather + 5 sanguine hibiscus + Knothide Armor Kit + Conjurer Wand of the Physician sent === Voiiiiiiiid Expressssss Jingle ===> received.
  14. Arnica

    Void Express

    As usual the Void Express Company didn't deliver my package. Be sure every mail begining by Bag or Armor kit will disappear. What's wrong with that ? Somebody siphoned the mail boxes ? Check the Auction Hostel. Well, after the mails sent to an alt character received by an another from the hostile alliance, after the disappeared packages, what will be the next trick ? (Shiny fish scales always been delivered strangely...)
  15. The event of invading felguards is going to run away some players in Iron Forge. Few players tried to clear the invasion and allow low level characters players to make their way. But many give up and disconnect. Sometimes when we cleared a waves, another appears, another and another. Iron Forge is becoming a cemetery. I've a question to GMs : Are you trying to sink the Nighthaven server ?