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  1. Arnica

    Can not login.

    Same there.
  2. If it is, it is not very brave. Pvp for cowards. Thanks for trying to answer.
  3. I tired something with the latest. I verified if he was connected with a horde toon. He wasn't (tried during 5mn). I reconnect my previous toon. A few minutes after that the same hordy who kill my toon appears where he disconnected last time and turn around.
  4. For the fifth time in 2 hours a hordy came out from nowhere when i was questing and kill my low toon. Ordinary ? Not quite. Thirst the opponents are very well geared (T1-T2). Second, each time they're disconnecting their toon after the kill. They didn't continue to play, no, they disconnected. What's this ? There's no fight but we're used to see this. But is it a new form of harassment ? What is the point ? Make the player focused to stop him to play ? What is the point to travel the continent during several minutes to kill a randomly toon and disconnect ? Or may be a new service of murder against low level toons ? We knew the camping zone in Lakeshire, Menethil or Hillsbrad but travel worldwide to kill a toon and disconnect just after, what is that ?!
  5. Arnica

    Server ??

    Same at the moment. Unable to reach the main server since 23:30 pm server time.
  6. Congratz for all the work done Crogge and Shenna. 🙏 Best regards from Marseilles, France.
  7. Arnica

    Whats your favorite game!!

    A pleasant tabletop, Armello, A realistic first person role playing game, Kingdom Come : Deliverance Some strategy with Total War : Attila/Rome II/Warhammer (look at this : http://www.moddb.com/mods/warcraft-total-war1/downloads/warcraft-total-war-official-public-beta-v-10) A space opera resurrected from 80's and 90's, Elite Dangerous.