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    "The Hunt for Rhok'delar" Guide

    Dear Hunters, atm iam doing my Rhok'Delar Questchain. I killed 3 Demons but iam really struggeling with Simone the Seductress. I already tried a few ways: 1. Icetrapping her Pet and fighting with the common rotation on her. She's not the problem. But when her pet comes out the Trap he's hitting me very hard that i have to FD quickly and reset quickly. so i decided to try the way i did it in retail classic: 2. Start with Aimed Shot on her Pet on max range and putting Simone in the Frost Trap. I tried to kite her pet like in the linked video. But Simone always evades and after a few seconds her pet evades too. Yesterday evening she evades but the pet was still running behind me. When i had it on 11% it evades suddenly too. This morning her pet already evades after a few seconds. I saw another video where she evades and the hunter killed her pet alone. Then he regged full and started on her. Iam really confused about that cuz in retail she and the guy in the burning stepps were the easiest demons after a few trys. My Question: How did u killed her?