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    Ehh... RP on Elysium?

    Mind if I just add you guys? Would be nice to just build up a nice friendly community at least? Alliance, character name Reubenn. In case you didn't see my other posts (i'm kinda spamming all the RP posts now hah), I've joined the /RP channel and suggest everyone else do it so we can build it up : )
  2. Beteljio

    Looking for RP!

    Anything come of this? Especially in TBC I would love to RP but would also like to get started on some decent storytelling now really! Alliance, character name Reubenn, I'm also on the /RP channel now.
  3. Beteljio

    RP Channel

    Hiya, I've now done this. I hope we can build something up here. RP is the only thing missing from this awesome project.