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  1. I kill everything between lvl48-60 max 10times depending on thier honor yield. Anything else is a waste of time
  2. Väckskalle

    Dhralla's Ultimate Leaf Guide

    You need the leaf from Majordomo to start the quest
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    Old Elysium

    Hi, i started on this server back in 2016 i think, when there was a newly created server called Zeth'kur among with two older servers called Elysium & Anathema. I spent lots of time getting bis pre-raid gear on my character and later on farmed MC with a guild. We were told that Zeth'kur wouldn't make it cause of its low-population, so the staff told us there were gonna be a merge and that we could choose between the 2 servers (Elysium & Anathema) I stuck with Elysium and still had a pleasent time playing the game, althought a population of 9000 players wasn't anything like vanilla, but anyway. I took a break some months after that and my character had dissapeared and the server Elysium. I still have the same account as of now, but the server does not exist. or my character. I tried restoring the character that i spent roughly 50 days /played on, but it would just say "pending" and then bug out or something. So i started a new character on Nighthaven.. i enjoy playing here, but would really like my old character back aswell. Any news about this? TLDR; How do you get your Elysium character back