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  1. Fragile face

    Need Help ASAP - Unable to Log In

    Just seen this man. @Kruxis That is what worked for me but I have no clue if it will for you or others. I hope it does tho!!
  2. Fragile face

    Need Help ASAP - Unable to Log In

    7. "I cannot connect to the server / I get immediately disconnected" First, try resetting your modem and router. If that doesn't work, please try opening your Config.wtf file, and removing the server name completely. Restart your WoW client. If the issue persists, open the Config.wtf file and find the line "SET realmName ".....". If this line is present, make sure one of our realm names is inside the quotation. If it is "QA Test Realm ____", change it to the name of one of our realms. (If it is not present, add SET realmName "Desired realm" ). If you are still unable to connect, or need assistance, please pursue help in one of our support channels in Discord or the "Help and Support" subforum.
  3. Fragile face

    Need Help ASAP - Unable to Log In

    I had to get into my config.wtf file and delete it all. After doing that and restarting the client it worked. Just had to reset my addons
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  5. Fragile face

    Need Help ASAP - Unable to Log In

    Same thing so following!!
  6. Fragile face

    LF Guild (Horde)

    Hey Everyone, A friend and I (Warrior and Shaman) just starting playing this and we are looking for a guild. We are low lvl but active every day and we are in need of a good guild. From leveling to raiding in long term. We both have played for years but like the old style much better than what it has become these days. You can reply here or msg me in game. Username is Fragileface Thanks,
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    Is there any way to get add-ons for this version of Wow? Thanks,