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    He sat beneath the entrance of the entrance of the ruined Inn, though many Forsaken had brought the place to life (as it were) he refused to go inside. The night was warm and the air damp, as often happened during Mid-Summer although the forest just outside the town was eerily quite. Two Forsaken in well worn armor, dented and rusted, approached. Instinctively he gripped his blade. "Well look what we have here" said one, pointing at the Rogue outside the inn. "uuuhhh!" moaned the other. Lacking the lower jaw makes communication rather difficult. "So, they weren't content to let you rot out on the Highlands were they" the first said, nudging his chinless companion. "Fitting it is, to see you here." Before the speaking one could say a word, the Rogue sliced his dagger at him. His forearm and sword crashing to the ground disrupted the silence of the summer night. "What you go and do that for!" He shouted picking his missing limb off the ground "I just had that re-attached! A good one it was" he said almost with a laugh. He made an over emphasized salute "Aye Sir! The Lord Commander" "uuuhhh! said the second Forsaken, shaking the first. "Right. The ex-Lord Commander of Stromgarde don't like is very much. How many Forsaken have you killed? How many of our Allies in the Horde?". He dodged another swipe of the blade "Put that thing away. It don't matter any more. You're one of us now!" he said laughing. The two walked into the Inn. Our Rogue slumped against the wall and took out a tattered Red & White banner stained with dirt and blood. He pondered it for a moment, and a look of sadness very briefly crossed his face - before being replaced with anger. "Death to the living" he croaked as he let the cloth fall to the ground. ((Many years ago I played on The Venture Co-US in a large PVP/RP guild. When I quit playing I wrote off my character - during some world PvP I arraigned to have rival players from a Horde Guild ambush us in the Arathi Highlands - My character was killed, and never seen again. Until now))