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  1. push: Magtheridon Tonight, 8pm ST! lets do this!
  2. asaph

    Any launch date for the TBC realm?

    vote 4 more EU raiding shedules. Yous guys hit on Gruul when EU truns lights off.
  3. asaph

    suche Deutsche Gilde

    for the Horde Germany wenn ihr noch am leveln seid. mit 60 könnt ihr dann in den raid kader who cares. sind sehr viel deutschprachige aber der guildchat / raid(wenn von Interesse) in Englisch.
  4. asaph

    How do I do TBC?

    try to hit the devs on discord for any issue. more likly it will be answered faster.
  5. asaph

    TBC Faction Balance

    enable grouping in Raids and Dungeons for both factions that would push the LFR / LFD System quite a bit.
  6. asaph

    Dualspecc for TBC

    no it is the other way round if you ever played longer on private servers. you are often seeking healers / tanks for certain stuff. sometimes it would just help if one dps could spec to heal or tank! Which is a very familiiar issue through a lot of servers. the guild thing: yeah you got the point the Server has 10k active playing ppl, please be realistic…
  7. asaph

    A Call to Raiding Guilds

    thanks sir for the prompt reply! sounds good on the pre raid gear! maybe I was just unlucky on the online times but I couldnt find 5 man groups for the last 2 weeks, assuming that the main reason was AQ40 Event.. will check on that again in the coming days! greets
  8. asaph

    A Call to Raiding Guilds

    Maybe a stupid one but how are Players not granted the pre raid bis gear supposed to achieve that gear without others doing heroics? O.o Is it possible that players with interest in testing will be upgraded aswell?
  9. asaph

    Dualspecc for TBC

    personally I really look forward / hope that the GMs will allow this feature, It would help a lot smaller guilds to fill up slots like healer / dps or dps / tank slots. Even though the above mentioned idea was rejected once stating "blizzlike", I dont think this will hurt either the economy or the palyers at all. cheers
  10. sleepy Zeppelins! give them some Ultra Goblin rocket fuel!
  11. asaph

    Q&A on 7/22/2018 - Summary

    thank you for hearing me! great summary! <3 Is there a tranfer Gold Cap per character? It will be 1,000 Gold per character. Also Raid mats and high value materials will also have a limit and ruin the Nighthaven economy. that means, 8k per account?
  12. I was totally not expecting that Devs/GMs will stop banning.. it was more likely a point of view that it would decrease the 3rd party actions towards gold buying. players who have little time doing extra farming hours for "Gold rewarding stuff" would appreciate this implementation anyway, I guess… and as a result you will have less people to ban and maintain an higher population too! Personally, I think this could be a good thing..
  13. It might be one workable act against the gold selling community.. but.. - how do you want to make sure that they are not selling their could at your shops and trade the coins for other stuff which could be sold for money again.. maybe even cheaper due to a different ratio. - will you add more "goodies" to your shop? Or what shall happen with higher amounts of coins at players account balance.. I might fear that buying mounts only wount be satisfying to sell ingame gold on a long term But definitly for new players which do not have a lot of motivation left for farming and grinding this option would help both parties: Elysium (not to be forced to ban them, increasing community rather than decreasing!) and the players as they dont have to risk their accounts.