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  1. Infero

    Server down?

    Alright. Thanks for the answer. Might just jump to bed then. I
  2. Infero

    Server down?

    Got the exact same problem. Probably gotta wait three fiddy
  3. Infero

    Server down?

    The server went to restart. About 20 minutes after the restart, I disconnected and can't log in. My network is fine both on my PC and ps4. Is the server down again? - Infero
  4. Greetings everyone I've just put on my nostalgia glasses, creating an Orc Rogue now on level 10. I was wondering about two things: 1. Is it possible to join a guild even if you're low level? I see people seeking but only for raiding, and on the other hand I don't see anyone seeking low levels or for socializing. That's why I have to ask whether or not it's possible to enter a raiding guild for example, even you're not 60 yet? 2: I heard that TBC will be added late 2018. Is it possible for me to do a no sleep schedule, manage to get level 60 and still raid Vanilla raids? I feel like I have to rush before TBC launches, and I prefer not missing out the vanilla raid experience, since I never cleared vanilla Naxx (first five bosses if I remember correctly). I look forward to hear your answers and opinions. Best Regards Infero - Orc Rogue - Nighthaven