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  1. Helioqt

    Character not transferred

    I am 110% certain he was on Elysium. Ill check out the discord, thanks!
  2. Helioqt

    Character not transferred

    Hi, I had a lvl 46 priest named Takefive on Elysium PVP, but when I came back to the server today, he was still not transferred. How can I go about getting him back?
  3. Helioqt

    Old account and merge

  4. Helioqt

    Old account and merge

    I even went back to my emails to find the verification email for my account. When I enter the account name, it says there is no such account and I was able to remake an account with the same name. Is there a way to help me find this account again if i have character names, emails, and account names?
  5. Helioqt

    Old account and merge

    So I heard about the possibility of getting back my old Elysium based character on Nighthaven and decided to log into this site with my old account. However, the account itself seems to have been erased. How would I go about getting that character on the deleted account transferred to Nighthaven when the time comes? Will my old account become available again?