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    PvE Frustration

    Thank you Arrowdawn for your valued comments and I'm pacified by the fact that I am not alone.
  2. Due to the absence of a PvE server anyone wishing to progress is severely hampered by being forced to seek quests in Contested zones where, from painful experience I struggle daily to proceed without being ganked over and over again. I fully accept that nothing will change but can anyone suggest areas that are safer for a level 15 Horde player to progress which, at the very least will inject a more satisfying and enjoyable gaming experience? Today took the biscuit when a PvP player n Stonetalon Mountains camped in the same location as my corpse and continually killed me every time I rezzed.
  3. Bonypart

    Need PVE solo Talent advice please

    L10 Druid. New to all this but basically I want to play solo PVE without any grouping. Can anyone please inform me what Talent points I should put into or point me to any links that support my plan?
  4. Bonypart

    Talent tab. Lost the plot.

    Many thanks for this info.
  5. Bonypart

    Talent tab. Lost the plot.

    Level 6. Can anyone tell me how to access my Talent screen? I have tried everything..
  6. Bonypart

    Addon to locate NPCs?

    Thank you Zancon.
  7. Bonypart

    Addon to locate NPCs?

    Does anyone know of an addon that will permit me to search for an Innkeeper or Trainer please? I am sure I had one installed some time ago but I cannot find it now.
  8. Bonypart

    Mob level by zone information

    Thanks for this. Looks like a cool way to get there.
  9. Level 13 Alliance Hunter. Based in Auberdine I thought I would try what many others have done and took the boat to Wetlands with the intention of reaching Ironforge (via Stormwind). In Dun Morogh the mobs were xxx and I didn't stand a chance and I was killed by several Pvp players too. Now I'm not complaining as I love the challenge but can anyone provide a link to a mob level by zone map or list please?