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  1. themadhatterer

    Help game wont work???

    but i got all old chars there but the money is transfered to TBC from b4 i mean then alot will be missing perhaps even chars ive made in tbc ?
  2. themadhatterer

    Help game wont work???

    Oh so it was just offline i see . BUt is it back up yet ?
  3. themadhatterer

    Help game wont work???

    Hey ive played a long time now on tbc but now when i start as a Administratior it still wont let me connect, i get into the gme but when choosing nighthaven tbc i cannot connect it just loads saying sucess . Plz somoene help ?
  4. themadhatterer

    Cannot play ?

    The problem got fixed tyvm
  5. themadhatterer

    Server ??

    Hi i wonder why we cannot still login its been alot more then 5 hours since you logged us all out . My whole guild tryes to login but it dosent work ? Can you please write back we want to know .
  6. themadhatterer

    Cannot play ?

    Hello i did what u said when problems loggin in, it only says Sucess and then stands still , then when i get to pick server if it comes that far i pick Nighthaven it wont let me login, i changed the WTF folder as it said and i even tryed re-install the game and also set the realmlist right instantly after, but it wont let me login ?? Please can someone help me here . I was playing with my new friends and i joined just 1-2 days ago i love this game and these offlineserver . Anyone please ?