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  1. I honestly think that this wouldn't be the worst idea for the server. Giving new players and veteran players the ability to trade Gold for Coins (Real Money) and vice versa would offer Elysium the opportunity to bring in a lot more donations which would help everybody. There would be no real concern for any economic changes because there will never be a time where more gold is being obtained without it first being accounted for. As for P2W, this would only be achieved by allowing players (new or veteran) to obtain weapons/gear/skills for Coins (Real Money).. If this never occurs, there is no reason why it would be negative to allow people with excess gold to distribute it to the players who are willing to pay for it; essentially being rewarded for their time and effort spent collecting/farming the gold. (Please DO NOT offer weapons/gear/skills for Coins (Real Money)... this would completely destroy the communities faith in your system) I do believe that there should be a structure in place for exchanging to make it easier for the Dev's/GM's to monitor the exchanges happening and to keep it clean and concise. Only allowing people to place their gold up for purchase in specific quantities and for specific amounts so there is no possibility of devaluing either currency. Long story short (not really), I think this would benefit the server because it will give people who can afford to buy gold the opportunity to jump right into the game and remain playing and also would allow people who have put a lot of time and effort to be rewarded or compensated for it. This gives old players and new players more incentive to log in and continue playing and if they end up with all the mounts in the game and a plethora of characters to play with; what would be the harm in that?