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    Twink's Insignia

    It is a great item, but it bugged a little. It sometimes need a relog to work. The problem is: to check is it work for now I need to make something that worth experience and see if I get some. But the main reason to get this Insignia to free youself from experience. Even irregular experience gain is inacceptable. You know, I like to make some PvE with a twink, like dumb undergeared party in WC which succeeds due your overgear and skills only. I already made WC escort event twice, and both times it was possible because I got roles of a tank and a healer at the same time and hid under the Arena Grandmaster trinket's bubble, while managing aggro by heals and Heavy Dynamite. I got distacted, sorry... More detailed description. When I bought Insignia, logged in, the first thing I did I killed a raptor for a test. Got ~200 experience. I relogged and killed one more raptor, got no experience as intended. I did one more test. Placed Insignia to the bank and killed raptor. I got experience as intended. I got Insignia back from the bank, killed raptor and I got experience for a kill, what was not intended. After relog I killed one more raptor and got no experience. It is I believe a bugs that should be corrected, though if you know how it works its not a problem. The problem is: I now have 4325 experience and I'm pretty sure there was less of it (I did WC twice and turn in some quests, so in that sense it is a way less experience that might be, but I mean that it is more than I expected nevertheless). I believe there should be no more than 3k, it was ~1750 when I bought Insignia, +2 raptors each for ~200 exp, it would be a lot less than 3k. Other person who bought Insignia suspects that the mere moving Insignia between bags leads to experience to come back, one needs to relog to stop it again, though I have no intention to test it, because experience gains are undesired. I hope, that you pay some attention for this, because, you know, it seems that WSG 10-19 is going to be a real fun, because there is even twink's guild on Alliance side, made to stop horde twinks from dominating WSG. I have an idea to lure twinks-allies to Redridge Mountains, it could be fun, to not just hunt allies all over the place, but to be hunted at the same time. Twink's Insignia going to be handy, but it have to work predictable and reliable.
  2. I believe that there is something wrong with prices. At my opinion prices on gold should match to prices for characters, in the sense of time needed to get coins by farming gold or by levelling character. I'm not sure that it is so, it is just my common sense suggest so, but I can make a prediction, that supply for gold on your market would overcome demand for it, and the only reason why prices for gold in coins will not fall into negative values would be artificial constraints of web-interface, which do not allow to sell gold cheaper than 1 coin for 1g. Though I probably can rationalize my common sense. Prices on character market can be used as indicator for cost of 1hr of playing not for fun but for others pleasure. Gold market is the other way to sell playing time, and if it's prices for 1hr of playing do not match to character market's, than people seeking ways to trade their play time for coins would choose the easiest way, the more profitable for them. If gold market is more profitable (seems to me it is), then coin-farmers will burst supply to a high level, and then only the most successful farmers would be able to change gold for coins. You can see it starting already: one character offers 10-20 lots for 10g, 10-20 for 20, some for 30, for 100, for 1000g... If we assume that buyer will choose seller by random (with uniform distribution of probabilities over all lots with given value of gold) then seller who have just one lot would have almost no chances. In reality it is not a uniform distribution: sorting order will screw this distribution. I cannot understand how the lots are sorted, but it would be figured out in time. Figured out and exploited to maximize probability of selling something. So the whole gold market would be monopolized by small number of sellers, who had made research into the system, know how it works and how to exploit it, and then... I don't know what would be the next. It is up to you. The only way to equilibrium of supply and demand is to free prices, they'd drop low in this case. Low enough to encourage buying and discourage farming. I didn't take a look at character market -- does it have some restrictions on prices? If no, than it could be used to predict the point of equilibrium, if some restrictions apply, it might be not. Though I'm not sure that free prices is a good idea. All I want to communicate to you is my predictions for a future of gold selling. I hope I'm not completely wrong and I hope that it could be useful for your process of decision making. You can wait and see my prediction coming true (or false, who knows), and only then start to think what to do with them, or you can start to think right now: what you'd do if my prediction will come true? Maybe you can do it right now? I thought a little further and realized that I don't know what one can do with enormous amounts of coins. Is there is a way to sell them for $$$ cheaper than you do? The idea is: if one can find applications for any amount of coins, than all I said before would come true. If there is no way to use more than say 1k coins, than it possibly wouldn't come true. It is about perception. I can risk my account to get some gold, or get gold without a risk. The difference is in the real money. How much I value my account, if measured with real money? How big the risks as perceived by me? If you find answers to this questions than you can use formulas of game theory to compare costs of different ways to get money. Note: for different people costs would be different, because everyone makes decision by himself, and there are no analysts which can calculate this for me and to explain me why the one of ways to get gold is cheaper than the other. Why risk all the time and effort into your account(s) by using speedhack on WSG? Just to get some reputation and honor? But I saw it with my own eyes in the brackets 10-19 and 20-29. It means that perceived risks are low enough, not higher than the reward for winning. For this doesn't happen one needs either make it easier to win, or raise perceived risks. Theoretically speaking one can lower rewards also, but it wouldn't work, because rewards are not just reputation and honor, but also a warm feeling of the winning, one cannot get rid of this and he shouldn't.
  3. creizer

    Feral 5man tanking

    Use Wrath to pull, dude. It takes time for a wrath ball to get to the mobs, you can do a lot of things in this time. For example, if you are pulling a range attacking mob, you can run out of his range attack distance and mob after being hit will instantly start to run toward you, he will not start casting 3 sec cast staying in his place. The other useful thing you can do is to cast Rejuvenation on yourself before shifting to a bear. And this is a wonderful thing, when you need to get an aggro on a pack of mobs. I use Faerie FIre only when I have 20-30 rage in Bear Form and don't want to lose it. Or if I have no mana to pull with casting and then turn to a bear, and the pull doesn't seem hard When I suspect that I might run into troubles with an aggro at pull time, I do the following sequence: Regrowth, Wrath, Rejuvenation, Bear. When you heal yourself or other party member, all your heals make "AoE" threat, you make threat to every mob in combat. It is a great thing. I use it constantly with my warrior by drinking pots, I use it with druid by HoTs. The best is to heal with HoTs youself, because it'd mean that healer needs to heal less at pull time, to start to heal a little later, it means more time to make an aggro. Though you can heal and other party members too, just cast rejuvenation on them (if they have less than 100% HP, overhealing doesn't make any threat).
  4. I see that people keep using quest links in the chat, but I cannot. I cannot link, and I cannot follow a link. If I shift-click on quest, then the name of the quest goes to chat, not a link to a quest. If I click on link posted by someone else, than bunch of errors reported to the chat and this is it. I thought that it is my copy of WoW is broken, but recently I downloaded elysium copy from Google Drive and I see the same behaviour. Though I have no chance yet to see link and to try to open it, but I tried to /w quest to myself, to /w quest into group chat and it didn't work. Or more precisely it did work but I /w name of the quest as regular text, not the link to it. Maybe I need some addons for it? But I asked some random ppl, they say quest links work for them without any special addons. So the question is: how can I enable chat-links for quests?
  5. I've found that AP of druid in shapeshifted form depends on actual weapon skill of druid. At least so it is shown in the character screen. I played on official servers at TBC and WoTLK, and then actual weapon skill didn't make any difference. I raided as feral in WoTLK with polearm, having skill around zero. I remember it very clear, because when I found achievement for maximizing all weapon skills, I used to stay under the Dalaran, hitting some mobs, who was able to heal self, for I can keep hitting them for hours. In TBC I didn't know for sure, but I believe it was the same, because I didn't bothered for weapon skills at all, while I DID bothered a lot for weapon skills of warrior. Maybe in vanilla it was other way? Do someone knows it?