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  1. I don't use any AV software. Even disabled the Windows Defender Protections. Hate AV Software and seen it do nothing but interfere lol
  2. Keep having issues with low framerate that i ended up finding out is localized to LOW GPU Usage. I have ran this client in Compatibility mode and as administrator along with adjusting settings in game and in the Radeon control panel. I am running Windows 10 1803 (Not a Windows 10 Insider) have the latest GPU Drivers and Client. Running with 32GB RAM @ 3000Mhz AMD Ryzen 1700 Clocked @ 3.9 Ghz and AMD Vega 56 Overclocked as well. I think my PC can run the original Classic WoW client lol. Don't know if there is known compatibility issues. Other games i play don't have any issues including other legacy applications in Windows 10 1803. Any help will be grateful. Thank you. *Edit* Also have issues with the client disconnecting and crashing. IDK why this is doing this. Is there issues with Windows 10 and this game?