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  1. I'll agree it happens on both sides on this server because a pvp server gives assholes the opportunity to be assholes. Man that lock is a class A asshole. Nope
  2. Arrowdawn

    Why the TBC server needs to be PVE

    Really interesting poll, I casted my vote (PvE).
  3. Arrowdawn

    PvE Frustration

    I too share the same frustrations after playing on a pve server on retail for 10 years, but I've found ways to make it mostly enjoyable so far now I'm lvl 45. At your level I pretty much stuck to the barrens until I was at least lvl 22, I then started moving into Stonetalon Mountain and that's when the ganking started, thankfully it was only a couple of times (all rogues). I then Moved onto Ashenvale aswell, moving between Barrens, Stonetalon and Ashenvale and Hillsbrand until I was lvl 30. As I was reaching Stranglethorn Vale range I wanted to dodge that place as much as I could as the zone is pretty much a cancerous war zone. I managed to stay clear of it until lvl 38 at this level ranged not many will take you on unless they are in a group. From 30-38 it was pretty much a mixture of Desolace, Dustwallow, Badlands and Arathi Highlands. I have definitely found as I've got higher in level that the gankings lesson, but there are still a heap of 60s that make it their mission to pestering everyone below them. I've found that when you approach the opposite faction, if you /wave they will generally do the same and everyone goes on their way. I don't touch anyone unless they attack me first, and a lot of horde players I've quested with share the same mentality. imo camp ganking someone is griefing and should be met with a ban.
  4. Arrowdawn

    TBC website

    Just saw your TBC website for the new server and it looks great. Very excited for its launch and hoping it's just as good as your vanilla one!
  5. Arrowdawn

    TBC Faction Balance

    I suggest you go read what I wrote again (original post) and then go have a poop and then come back and read what I wrote (original post) and then read what you've just written to me. You're trying to be toxic, which is quite sad and all it's doing is making you look like a plum son. You can bold that "bad" and make it as big as you want, but at the end of the day you're just some plonker making a tit of themselves on the interwebz. Done you a favour: "...PvP is such small part of what WoW has to offer..."
  6. Arrowdawn

    TBC Faction Balance

    haha ok son. I knew that comment would trigger a fanboy.
  7. Arrowdawn

    Why the TBC server needs to be PVE

    Skulls yes, particularly at either TM or Booty Bay, ratchet FP, Shimmering Flats, formed groups ganking anyone on sight, 1 on 1 as a hunter I can handle myself either by killing them or running away, but it is certainly tiresome, logging on to spend what little time I have corpsing running... I never kill anyone unless they attack me first if I wanted to pvp I would queue up for a bg. I've only had 1 good xp Wpvping and that was doing the elite quest chain at Stormgrade in Arathi. We were a group of 5 doing the quest when another group attacked us first (before this point we'd been ignoring the other opposite faction groups out of mutual respect). Our group won and it was pretty cool working as a team because it felt like a 5v5 arena match. My levelling to 60 has definitely been severely hindered by wpvp and I'm sure it's the same for others.
  8. Arrowdawn

    TBC Faction Balance

    I have NEVER played wow for pvp....after 10 years of retail. PvP is such small part of what WoW has to offer. I know for a fact that of pve the horde racials are more favoured in retail for raiding/dungeons. The reason I asked about tbc is I was just a levelling scrub back then who didn't even know bgs even existed and I was just curious with regard to the statement that tbc servers were horde favoured.
  9. Arrowdawn

    Why the TBC server needs to be PVE

    You do realise you can turn on pvp right? a pver can't turn off pvp so they don't get endlessly ganked. So it's not a selfish approach if you want to do world pvp enable pvp? Why are pve private servers dead? Is it because people are too lazy to turn on pvp? I love this server, I'm lvl 43, but the constant asshole ganking is really irritating. No one should be forced to spend 20mins of their limited time corpsing running at the amusement of some other asshat.
  10. Arrowdawn

    TBC Faction Balance

    Why are tbc servers so horde populated?
  11. Arrowdawn

    TBC Faction Balance

    I guess you could offer temp x2 xp for the side with less players until a specific number of players playing that faction is achieved? Then once there is a healthy number on either side go back to x1. You could offer a free mount at lvl 40 for alliance for a period of time also, then once a health number is achieved turn it off? But things like this will just make the special snowflakes cry out that its unfair *insert generic whine*. Personally as a horde player I couldn't give a monkey's 😄 Bring on TBC \o/
  12. Arrowdawn

    New to Elysium

    Read today that lights hope is shutting down when classic wow launches.
  13. Arrowdawn

    New to Elysium

    Honestly I'm so excited for this, I never really got to experience all of tbc. I capped a rogue on another private server 2 years ago and the experience was pretty shit mainly because the server was new, very low pop, wasn't true x1 and then I realised rogues were boring to play in dungeons as combat ;D (amazing what you forget, not all classes had AOE). lvl 39 and working my way to that glorious 60, hopefully I get there before the tbc realm opens.
  14. Arrowdawn

    Dhralla's Hunter Guide

    Great guide look forward to referring to this as I level.
  15. Arrowdawn

    Vanilla hunter world pvp!

    What addon did you use for the cast bar?
  16. Arrowdawn

    New to Elysium

    Really can't wait for this especially as I'm aiming for having my hunter level 60 (hopefully) by the time its launched.
  17. Arrowdawn

    Pet aggro seems weird

    I have noticed this too... unless the pet is on passive it will attack mobs that come close to it which is not how being on defensive should work. Clearly an error in the code that needs rectified.