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    Leveling Builds

    Hehe, yeah I know paladins aren't exactly known for their speed so i'm not worried about leveling taking a bit longer. I also considered ret for leveling since I will most likely go Ret for end-game but not sure if the slight speed buff (in killing stuff and movement) is worth losing a spot in instances (since healers are always in higher demand than DPS).
  2. Zultek

    Call to Arms: Improving PvP!

    Sorry for digging this up, but what is the status of PvP as of now? One of my main pleasures in WoW and my favorite end-game content is PvP, both in BGs and wPvP. Are BG queues broken? Does killing low-level (grey) players award a dishonorable kill?
  3. Zultek

    Leveling Builds

    Hi, I just started recently playing on Elysium. Love the server and playing vanilla again. Decided to do a pally for old time's sake and I'm wondering what builds are people using for leveling? I personally am aiming for a main holy spec, with Str and imp SoR in the first tiers, then getting some more healer-related talents. Think this will help with solo leveling as well as be a decent healer for instances; after that, around 50, will probably switch to a more pvp-oriented build (that's my end-game goal). Something similar to this: https://classicdb.ch/?talent#seVuMxotZVf Thoughts?