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  1. cubist

    login concern

    Thanks just logged in appreciate the response
  2. Since the server went offline for chat concerns, I cannot login, I thought I read no longer than 60 seconds or, did I misread the announcement?
  3. cubist

    spell resist

    thank you very much, thought I was goofing something up.
  4. why is the spell resist so high on low level mobs? And to that end, I thought arcane damage would mitigate that as magic schools could not resist arcane? Level 15 does not need to be that difficult, does it?
  5. cubist

    Linux Vanilla 1.12 Client?

    video unavailable
  6. Is there a bot problem here ? the reason for asking is that the copper ore market is cost prohibitive for a beginner, and I know its the whole its the economy....blahzay, But with the lack of nodes to farm one feels constrained to at least check ah, and yes at 40sper stack of 10 that is way out of price range. 2nd Is there a phasing problem when entering silverpine? Peacebloom nodes appear and then go away as you approach, and quite often when killing a mob they disappear and then reappear just as suddenly. thanks for the vanilla experience, and consideration on these questions.
  7. been having an awful time herbing past 67, mageroyal seems to be the only one I could pick to get to briarthorn incidentally my alch is 92 and herbs at this point is 67, that is funny since its usually reversed. However this has nothing to do with alchemy 300, but a great herb guide none the less
  8. cubist

    server glitch

    Ok I need post an apology , not knowing that looging out and then back on would replace somethings as well as quests. Sorry for the rush to judgement.
  9. cubist

    server glitch

    And finally my druid quest is now missing
  10. cubist

    server glitch

    my first week here and this isnt exactly giving me the warm fuzzies
  11. go to relog and now gear is missing , quests are undone. What the hell ?
  12. cubist

    Spam Mail

    Any chance we could stop the gold spammers from sending messages through the mail system? It really is annoying if you use ah. Thanks