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  1. cubist

    investigate alchemist shop

    at this rate I will have looted a better robe, just fix it for the folks.
  2. cubist

    investigate alchemist shop

    still not working, even higher level mage there as well. put items in backpack, relogged. WDB folder reset for fun, tried, then even removed quest, re accept and retry. No luck rift spawns will not appear,that is the crux of the problem.
  3. got the opening quest, gathered materials, in the alchemy shop. activate cantation of manifestation with no results. log out exit game clear WDB folder, same result. just reporting.
  4. cubist

    Camper from very high levels.

    life on pvp server
  5. its insessant , damn it, anything to be done? Stormrage
  6. cubist


    downloaded the 2.4.3 client and spent some time this a.m. in Sllvermoon and had a good experience, mining nodes and jewelcrafting working well
  7. Quick question: Will the servers here remain online after the launch in August? Just curious as to how the re-invention Of Vanilla will affect us here.
  8. cubist

    recipes missing?

    Thank you I appreciate your time and response
  9. As the new server gets on and going first I am having fun. But as I proceed with professions things are missing, such as mana oil from enchanters, lesser sagefish recipe and I am wondering do they come later with other patches? and fishing pools I am at 126 fishing looking for pools but not finding them either.
  10. cubist

    login concern

    Thanks just logged in appreciate the response
  11. Since the server went offline for chat concerns, I cannot login, I thought I read no longer than 60 seconds or, did I misread the announcement?
  12. cubist

    spell resist

    thank you very much, thought I was goofing something up.
  13. why is the spell resist so high on low level mobs? And to that end, I thought arcane damage would mitigate that as magic schools could not resist arcane? Level 15 does not need to be that difficult, does it?
  14. cubist

    Linux Vanilla 1.12 Client?

    video unavailable