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  1. your warlock and not the demon needs the killing blow to proc it.
  2. thanks for all the news about tbc, i hope i have a nice summer playing tbc inside and enjoying the sun outside.
  3. Barisarta

    Can not login.

    same here
  4. Barisarta

    donation by paypal

    Dear support, Today i did 2 donations by pappal but i coulnt fill in my accountname or email adres will doing this so i dont know if i will recieve the coins.
  5. Barisarta

    gear is gone

    ok ty Zancon, i will
  6. Barisarta

    gear is gone

    after months not having played i login today and my priest and warlock both have no more gear, strange is my hunter still has his gear. i still have some items left in my bags and money so i dont think i am hacked, can someone of the staff help me please