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    [ADDON] LunaUnitFrames

    I posted same issue on github page, but I'll try here as well. It would be fantastic if there was a way to avoid clique sending commands on player, target, ToT and party members frames, so that I can bind my right button to a spell and it will cast only when I am clicking on the raid frames.
  2. Xanthios

    Incoming Heals in Grid

    I am really used to grid and its setup logic. So I was looking around and I found the notGrid addon, but on that one, too many customization options have been taken out. I am really not a programmer and when I am looking at addons code it's like looking at hieroglyphics, still I took a look at notGrid code and Grid code to see if I could find any similar pattern and maybe transfer some code to implement incoming heals. I kind of thought it has something to do with the healcomm library, but I have no clue how to implement it inside Grid and eventually write some code that shows incoming heals. So I was wondering if there was any amazing soul, that has knowledge about tinkering with wow addons that might find a way to implement incoming heals in Grid. I know I am asking a lot, but I had to try 🙂
  3. Xanthios

    What's up with server?

    https://ibb.co/TKhgjhG nothing on the official information section, where did nighthaven go?
  4. This server is really amazing, very enjoyable, the population is high enough so that you can find people at every level available for every kind of content. The only problem I could see so far are horde level 60 players constantly camping low level areas such as lakeshire, duskwood, nesingwary camp and booty bay. I know it's a pvp server, whatever...but killing a lv 30-40 when you are 60 is not pvp, it's just being a dick. Hell, even killing a fresh blues/greens 60, when you are full epic is not pvp. Killing undergeared people in lakeshire with your full blue twink is just cheap. I wish the owners of the server could do something to tone down the situation and help a little bit in removing that griefing feeling, that I don't believe does any good to the server in general. Maybe by making these people going around and ganking lowbies reportable and punishable.
  5. Xanthios

    Gatherer not working

    Sorry, to necro this post, I have the gatherer icon around minimap, I downloaded that database and copied it in the indicated folder (WTF\etc...) it still doesnt show anything on minimap and worldmap, any ideas?
  6. Xanthios

    Ledger from Tanaris! BUG. HELP!!

    Sorry to necro this post from 2017, I am having the same problem, I can't turn-in the quest, and I already tried the method suggested above. I put all the stuff in the bank, I closed the game, I waited a couple of minutes to be sure I was actually disconnected, I even eliminated the wdb folder, then I logged back in and got my item back from the bank, but I am still unable to complete the quest. Any suggestion?
  7. I recently came to Searing Gorge and was looking to start the quest "Suntara Stones" from Dorius Stonetender, supposedly in the pit at the Grimesilt Dig Site. This quest is the starter of a 4 quests chain, a nice bunch of xp, it would be nice if the npc was added.
  8. So far I tried Mobinfo2, which doesn't work, as soon as I login it gives me an error and it doesn't show anything on the target frame. I even tried to download the version that I found in this other topic https://forum.elysium-project.org/topic/25989-mobhealth-addon-isnt-working/ in the comment at the bottom, which also provides a database for the mobs, but nothing changed. Mobhealth only shows the mana, apparently it needs to gather some data on every single mob before showing HPs. Any other alternative out there?