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  1. Hello everyone, I was wondering if there is any reason why Alliance is surprisingly more populate than Horde on Nighthaven server? Do you think it's because of Paladin class? As normally, Horde population is higher than Alliance's on every single Vanilla and TBC private servers due to the Horde racials. Is Elysium community has a unique reason why Alliance are more on their server? Do you think that would be the same on the upcoming TBC server? If not, then why? Please feel free to share your own opinion. Thank you!
  2. Deadspell

    TBC Faction Balance

    Then everyone will have to accept the consequences if it does happen.. We can always suggest some innovative ideas, or try to convince other to "save" from the most inevitable fact. However in the end, the only thing which would decide about the fate of the upcoming TBC server would be the players choice. What I am trying to tell here is not 2 or 3 of us who will make a big difference, but at least 50% of the player base. We won't be able to force anyone to do anything against their will.
  3. Deadspell

    TBC Faction Balance

    I don't understand your reaction. First of, I never said that I don't care about the faction balance. All I said is PvP issue between the Horde and the Alliance has nothing to do with the faction itself. It's just that he was probably unlucky to play with wrong players and keep losing. It's not because (and never intended) that Horde > Alliance, so please dispel this myth from your mind. Alliance could beat Horde in PvP and vice versa. On the other hand, I understand that you are worrying about this issue. However, I just don't think it would be that bad since we never had to deal with this trouble on Nighthaven before, despite it's Vanilla .. But hey! No any difference for PvP, racials are still the same. In the worst case, the best alternative on my opinion is to impliment temporary free transfer Horde > Alliance. And believe me that I would be amongst the first Horde players to transfer my Warlock if we reach that red light. For now, there is no reason to do so.
  4. Deadspell

    TBC Faction Balance

    Mainly because some sheep players think that Horde racial are overpowered compared to Alliance's for PvP, which is a wrong approach. You have to choose your faction by taking in consideration the most suitable racial to your class before thinking about your race if you wish to play smartly. For example, I chose UD as a warlock ; anti fear, charm, sleep and no such racial on the other side before Cataclysm expansion. However, if I wished to play a warrior, I would definitely go for Gnome as I ever did. Gnome racial is on of the best for warrior PvP since they provide you a sick bonus against immobilization with a CD for only 1 min! Every experienced players in PvP know that warrior's weakness is immobilization. For the rogue, you can do either UD on Horde or Dwarf on the Alliance side. However, Dwarf rogue dominate all the others rogue with their anti-bleed, poison and sickness. Here again, I would pick a Dwarf without doubt if I wished to play a rogue in PvP.
  5. Deadspell

    Why the TBC server needs to be PVE

    Are you talking about skull players who are chain killing you or normal players around your lvl who killed you for HK?
  6. Deadspell

    TBC Faction Balance

    There's nothing to do with the faction's issue. Battlegrounds are all about communication and gears. A battleground with lack of communication and gears has more risk to lose than a disciplined and fair geared one. If you play on the Alliance side and chain lose battlegrounds, then perhaps you are playing with the wrong people. As a Horde player I can ensure you that I ever knew chain lose as well until I have to log off and doing something else than wasting my time on WoW. OK .. Our racials are "slightly" better than yours. But it has nothing to do with factions concerns.
  7. Deadspell

    Why the TBC server needs to be PVE

    Sorry, but this approach is quite selfish. That would be unfair for pvper like me who would like to keep doing worldpvp on TBC. So for the good and fairness of every gamers, keep it as a PvP server.
  8. Deadspell

    TBC Faction Balance

    Actually I never mind to play Horde despite we are a bit more than Alliance on TBC servers. And yes, I am totally agree with you regarding the facts that we shouldn't only look at how many are logged in the varius timezone primetimes and the temporary wave of nooblets who would side on the overpopulating faction. As a Horde veteran pvper on TBC, those two factors were never an issue for me to enjoy and get my seasons gears as whoever else who look over those small penalties. For the HORDE!
  9. Deadspell

    TBC Faction Balance

    Without the intention to offend your idea asaph, this would kill the server in meantime for sure. If you start mixing the Horde and Alliance together, with no longer differences when it comes to PvP and PVE, then there won't be anymore rivalities between the two factions and server's population will drop in no time. If you think what I am saying doesn't make any sense, just look at what happened to Ares TBC several months ago and you will understand my point.
  10. Deadspell

    TBC Faction Balance

    I suggest free transfer Horde > Alliance faction.