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    Can not login.

    I can't login to the game, I get a "disconnected from server" message. I also get a CDbException when trying to vote from my control panel.
  2. ekztal

    Limited Supply Vendor Item restock timer off

    I came on here looking for an answer for this. Looks like nothing has changed. I've been sitting in front of Lilly the Enchanting Vendor in Silverpine for hours in windowed mode. Still the same sold out recipes...
  3. ekztal

    donation by paypal

    I came here with this same question. I never saw the Comments section. I went back through check out to see why. On the page with the notes section, Paypal AUTOMATICALLY scrolls to the bottom of the page to the Send Payment Now button. I just did it 3 times in a row. This is what I saw each time. If you want to put in a note you have to scroll up, which isn't very intuitive. You'd think the note section would be between the total and the payment button. I hope this helps people out with Paypal's terribly designed Payment page.