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  1. thanks Woblight for your help
  2. I'm almost certain this can be accelerated by adding the directions to the Config.wtf straightforwardly. All things considered, entering the directions to the comfort just spares them to the document a while later in any case. Just distinction is that SET must be put before each order. I haven't investigated it completely, yet a few directions, for example, the greater part of the M2 directions, don't get included. In any case, I presume this is on the grounds that these directions don't really work/exist/in any case, yet it could likewise simply be put away somewhere else Tutuapp 9apps Showbox
  3. rossi123

    The Arathi Command is looking for RPers!

    i installed it but i think there is a problem with it i don't know what is exactly the probleme can you help me ??