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    Why the TBC server needs to be PVE

    TBC Should be PvE, This isin't a real pvp server anyway. The meager population is just not enough. I've been here just over a month and 100% of the ganks are mage or rogues that corpse camp and will only attack if they outnumber/outgear or while you are preoccupied. The dwindling population on here is what makes it unbearable. On a properly populated server there would be an abundance people that would come help and it would turn into actual world pvp not just some toxic player wanting to wreck as many people's fun as they can. Letting lvl 60 players in tier 2 gear run rampant for 48hrs straight in redridge/duskwood/etc.etc..... killing lvl 16's on circuit as they rez each time. Is just stupid. Over 70% voted for PVE and yet the "majority want pvp" It makes the game not fun....and when it's not fun, people stop playing, and no one can pvp if there's not enough players. It's just the trolls whining for the ability to harass people....most of them have no real intention of engaging in real world pvp TBC will be unbearable if its pvp......