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    Where to farm gold as a priest

    i have idd come to the same conclusion about holy nova as it seems the mobs don't drop as good loot as on other vanilla servers. Seems like i respecced for nothing 😕 thx for your advice ppl
  2. Wark

    Where to farm gold as a priest

    Hey thx for the input! I've come so far that i don't want to sacrifice my tailoring and enchanting progress to pick up a gathering prof. I'm wondering if anyone knows if there is a good farming spot for a lvl 60 priest with an AOE ability (holy nova) by just looting mobs
  3. Wark

    Where to farm gold as a priest

    Title is pretty self-explanatory. before posting here, i did research on google.. sources all say (beside mining/herbing/skinning and playing the AH) to farm DM east. So i respecced as the instructional videos showed me to, only to find out they made it impossible to farm DME by adding elite patrols and downgrading the loot. Is there anywhere else i can farm gold with Holy Nova on nighthaven? greetz