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  1. OK, thank you. I was generally wondering abut caring to raise cooking etc, but Tanks tank you I think 🙂
  2. Ohh.. btw. I think what I haven't got clear even though I have use moderate time reading forum (I'm blind so nm me): What will exactly be transferred? We already know gold won't and I totally agree with this. Character as it is, bags, gear equipped? 2nd equipment, such as tanking gear? Crafting equipment such as cloth? Skills such as cooking / crafting / gathering? Thank you for the info! Edit. And I think the first poster ment: He got some gray color "junk" level item I.E. Shovel or shirt, will they be transferred?
  3. Ohh, ok I was in this impression by forum, more time for me to lvl my char 🙂
  4. Cool, any news on the tbc server as I tought the launch was supposed to happen in the beginning of Q2?
  5. I have been playing for long time now, only reason to raise lock for tbc. My character is lvl 42. I can't transfer all my hard job?

    Alliance suomi kilta

    Ei koska kaikki kunnon suominaamat liittyvät Hordelle.
  7. And I will be playing warlock + protadin depending which is needed.
  8. Hello//Terve, I will coordinate (or join if one is already up) TBC raiding guild "CET +2" for Eastern Europe. Raid time 17:30-20:30 server time, can be fixed +/-30m depending on team. Progress nights 17:30-21:00. 2-3 raid days depending on team. Sunday + ? Age 18+ Can be negotiated with team. Looting rules: Decided with team. Nationality: Free, general lanquake ENG. Local (chat)groups are fine, raidchat use ENG. Raiding team 28-30ppl + casuals. Cooperation with other guilds is possible, again depending on team. In my experience most of guilds raid server time 19-22 or 19-23 on progress. For people living +2 to +5cet it might be too late. I have face this on most private servers, another issue is having national guilds which start strong but wither away in a few months, so you Finnish, Polish, Baltian, etc players: If you want to have a life + feel like raiding in TBC or want to cooperate with us leave a bumb down there! What I want to achieve & offer: Open english speaking progressive raid guild for adults, experienced 40y old raidleader speaking "clean" english (hoping someone else to lead as I have my work and family, but I'll do it if necc). Fair rules = regular raiders have priority, best contributor gets the spot. Best Regards, LORKKI Ps. If you want to win, play with a FIN! Pss. Yes the guild name should be CET+2 🙂