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    KTM Threatmeter not showing pet aggro

    Ladies and gents its time for what you all have been waiting for: a working threat meter for your pet!!! ***NOTE*** for correct values make sure your Voidwalker has all available Grimoires of Torment and Suffering , also applies to hunter's growl rank, don't skip them! Now if you have the talent IMPROVED VOID WALKER in demonology you will have to edit some lua files with Notepad++: https://notepad-plus-plus.org/download/v7.6.1.html Go to: WoW Dir~ \Interface\AddOns\KLHThreatMeter\Code\KTM_PetMod.lua line 126 change: 395, 300, 215, 125, 75, 45 TO 513.5, 390, 279.5, 162.5, 97.5, 45 line 129 change: 600, 450, 300, 150 TO 780, 585, 390, 195 Save doc and you are good. If you respec and use void walker without Improved Voidwalker 3/3 for proper threat values you must revert the numbers back. Here is the github with the working pet threat meter on KTM just add KLHThreatMeter and KLHPerformanceMonitor to your AddOns folder: https://github.com/TerraBaddie/KTM_PetThreat_Meter googledrive DL: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1dMvm4pQgAs8JDgJDQM1aa7jM6RdSaZM0 ***NOTE*** I do not claim ownership over any of the files I just messed with them and through trial and error I got an accurate, WORKING pet threat meter, that wasn't working before to work. Thanks! Please be sure to support and give credit to the people that made KTM and the personal KTM_PetMod.lua video proof. I am sorry for bad video quality: AFTER Pet Threat meter fix values are now adding up to a grand total! 😄
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    KTM Threatmeter not showing pet aggro

    Thank you meridaw, but Shino is not interested in helping atm.
  3. TerraBaddie

    KTM Threatmeter not showing pet aggro

    video proof. I am sorry for bad video quality: BEFORE Pet Threat meter fix values were not adding up only overwriting the old threat value for the pet...:
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    KTM Threatmeter not showing pet aggro

    Hey! I don't know how active you are but if you ever get a chance or become active on here again. I posted a link to a github that has a KTM_PetMod.lua in the code. I was wondering if you or someone you know could improve on the coding for the file. At it's current state the code distributes pet aggro, but it is very janky and doesn't increase like player threat. It almost seems as though it is TPS and only Threat per second, which is hard to compare to overall threat of the player vs TPS of pet. I was wondering if there would be a way to edit the code to display Over all Pet threat for the combat with the target mob. ~edit: The code doesn't even show TPS its just what the pet did last... wether its cast Torment or melee or both. The code needs some work so it shows total pet threat. ~This was to Shino but I don't know how active he is and I want to get anyone that knows how to lua script for vanilla on this project! If you can get this code working for pet threat over all threat instead of threat per second I would be astounded!
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    KTM Threatmeter not showing pet aggro

    Found an interesting github for KTM. I take no credit for the work, but someone named ericraio was working on a pet mod for KTM. It is kinda janky and the threat for the pet fluctuates up and down unlike player threat but thought I would help the warlock and hunters out in the community: also if anyone knows how to edit the code to where the aggro / threat of the pet keeps rising instead of changing to current TPS msg on here please! github for KTM_PetMod.lua file https://github.com/ericraio/vanilla-wow-addons/blob/master/k/KLHThreatMeter/Code/KTM_PetMod.lua main depository https://github.com/ericraio/vanilla-wow-addons