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    I can log into the game but not the forums.

    So, I am able to log into the TBC beta just fine, and now the Elysium site lets me log in and look at my CP. The only thing I still can't log in to is my forum account.
  2. TheKeyworks

    I can log into the game but not the forums.

    No, it tells me that the password is incorrect when I haven't changed it. My email also isn't registering as an account so I can't recover the password yet I can still log into the server with my information.
  3. As the title says, I am able to log into my main account in the game, but the username/password doesn't work on the website anymore. I haven't played in a long while and I'd like to sign up for TBC with my main. I've tried a password reset but it doesn't recognize my email as owning an account either. I've tried to create a new account with the email and it says it's already tied to an account so I'm unsure what to do here. Any help would be appreciated. The Username is Xxxx. Thanks.