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    character lost

    Do you know which server your character was previously on? It could be a case of the servers not being fully merged at the moment. This would most likely be the case if your character was on Anathema. Some more info would definitely be appreciated. Sorry for the inconvenience!
  2. Hi Hellbat, Unfortunately according to the Elysium Terms of Use, under the "Account Information" section, it states "The account owner is responsible for the security of the account and that it's sufficiently protected. Note that Elysium staff does not recover hacked accounts." Hopefully you are able to recover your account through Two-Factor Authentication if that was previously set up. If not, admins can not recover your hacked account precisely because it typically comes down to your word alone. You would have to create another Elysium account if you plan on using the Elysium TBC server coming out later this year. Sorry for the inconvenience. ~ Tadgh
  3. Tadgh

    Name change

    Unfortunately if you would like to change the name of your character you will have to do go through the Elysium store for a name change for 250 Elysium coins. Sorry for the inconvenience of needing to change name, but that would be the only course of action if you would really like a name change. ~Tadgh
  4. A PIN box appears when you try to log into the actual WoW client? Or does that occur when trying to log into the Elysium website itself? You could also try and download a new authenticator as it may still be able to work despite being on a new phone. I would try that first and if you could provide a bit more detail on your situation, or perhaps screenshots, I'll try and get you a concrete answer as soon as possible.
  5. Tadgh

    So whos the m*ron..

    If you are looking to download the WoW 1.12.1 client in order to access the Classic Nighthaven server, if you go to this link here https://elysium-project.org/howtoplay/en#install and click the link for the "Elysium Client" it should automatically download through your browser using Google Drive. There should be no need for you to download through MegaUpload or pay any amount of money for the WoW client. Hopefully this solves your situation. ~ Tadgh
  6. Tadgh

    Cannot log in

    Is the realmlist set to Elysium? Are there any other alerts when trying to log in? Are you using the correct log-in information? If you can provide a bit more info I'd be more than happy to help you figure out what the issue is. Hope you can get to playing soon! Tadgh
  7. Tadgh

    Can't log in, says account banned

    Hey there, if you scroll down on the Elysium forums, you'll see a section called "Account and Security." If it's saying that your account has been banned for any reason at all, you could make a post under the "Ban Appeals" section and see if there's a possibility to recover your old account. Hope this is of some help, Tadgh