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  1. Hello Elysium Community! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The time has come to step into outland and claim your valour amongst the most renowned heroes of the land and face off against the strongest of enemies. Pool your strength and the strength of your comrades to face the forces of destruction that await you in this new world! We are currently looking for people in our community to help us test the raids of the burning crusade, whether you are a solo player that seeks valour and power or part of a guild that lusts for battle and wishes to be known as legend in the realm of world of warcraft, we welcome you to join us in this new and exciting experience! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- General Information Characters given level 70 ready for raiding (only if raid testing with the QA Team) Characters made will also be given appropriate gear for raiding Raids available are Karazhan , Magtheridon, Gruul's Lair and 5/6 bosses in SSC Characters made will be wiped upon tbc release (this means you will not be keeping said characters after the launch has taken place) (The purpose of this raid testing is to ensure all raids testing are working as intended so if any bugs are encountered these are to be reported) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Contact Information and Useful links If you are not already part of our discord group you can join via the link here - https://discord.gg/wnfcSjV - There is a specific group within our discord relating to all of our TBC announcements, information and a general chat for you all to discuss amongst yourselves, In the #tbc-general pinned messages you will find everything you need to know about our TBC PTR including client downloads Our direct link to our tbc website - https://tbc.elysium-project.org/ - Here you will be able to create an account and a huge amount of information is provided on the site about the burning crusade and it's features Contact Details For all contact about the raid testing within our TBC PTR please contact either Myself or Ziggy about how to get involved this can all be done via the https://discord.gg/wnfcSjV We Hope To See You Soon! - Thanks, Lokie
  2. Yes this would most likely be possible - Thanks, Lokie
  3. Hello Vesuvus the issue seems to me like it is the card issuer booking the transaction going though I would suggest contacting them about this and they will be able to help. if you require and further assistance after doing this please don’t hesitate ask. - Thanks, Lokie
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    Hello there suportneeder. I would like to link you to this section of our ToU that covers multiboxing -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- VII. Multiboxing Multiboxing is not allowed and refers to playing multiple characters simultaneously. Whether this is done via 3rd party software, alt-tabbing between instances, or by running multiple machines, does not matter. The only exception is that you may have up to two characters in the same major or goblin city temporarily, for trading, crafting, conjuring, portalling or using the Neutral Auction House to transfer items/gold to an alt. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Unless you meet the exception stated then your will be breaking the terms of use, If you require any more information regarding our terms of use please visit the Terms of Use & Rules and Regulations topic via this link - https://forum.elysium-project.org/topic/70878-terms-of-use-rules-regulations/?tab=comments#comment-475536 Hopefully this has helped cleared things up and if you require any further assistance do not hesitate to ask. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -Thanks, Lokie
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    Problem with PvP Rank(s)

    The vanilla PvP Ranking system working on honor points rather than just solid kills and needs to be maintained on a weekly basis, there is a page on wowwikia that explains how the system works pre TBC which i can send you over to if you would like to have a look and see if it helps explain things a little more. - Kind regards, Lokie