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  1. I suppose I could also use the gold exchange to transfer coins from a toon on one account to a toon on another am I right?
  2. Was looking for some help with a coin purchase issue. I bought some coins with a credit card on account A. I have another account B that I also wanted to buy coins for but when I try and do it under the "faster pay" method and enter my credit card info it says that the transaction has not been approved because my card is associated with another account. Am I missing something? I only have one card. Thx for any help on the matter.
  3. Vesuvus

    Token question

    ok thanks a bunch for the clearing that up for me :)
  4. Don't know If this is the place to be asking this question but I was wondering how the xp boost tokens work. Was thinking off getting the 7day or unlimited token but was wondering if you can only use them for one toon or can you mail em around to different toons on the same account? I have a few lower level toons that I wouldn't mind giving a little boost to. Thx for any replies.