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    Can't log in, says account banned

    The characters were on the same spot and level, but i can't remember last i played. Thanks anyway, hopefuly it wont happen again
  2. DeadlyPT

    Can't log in, says account banned

    Thanks for the help, i regained control of my account, just to find out i had everything sold and no money, i think i got hacked somehow. Maybe that's why i got banned... Can some help me reclaim what i've lost?
  3. Hi, i've played in the realm a while back, haven't play in a long time, and i can't log in my old account on the cliente, website works fine. Already reseted my password, and still nothing. Created a new account, just to try it out, and it works fine, but the old one doesn't. Can someone help me plz? Thanks in advance.