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    60 Mage for Sale

    Named Ilifix Got one ZG epic ready in bank but not enough rep yet. Attunements for Onyxia, MC are Done. 55 Water Done. Out in shop for 990 Coins
  2. fogelmamman11

    PVE server?

    Just to let you guys know, even in retail PvP servers are much more popular then PvE ^^ If you get constantly ganked by people then you must be doing something wrong honestly, I got ganked maybe a total of 10-15 times during 1-60 lol
  3. fogelmamman11

    Any launch date for the TBC realm?

    Would be awesome to get this ball rolling.. 30 days past already and no more info
  4. fogelmamman11

    gold on coin shop

    Yeah i have issues with this too, probably have around 400-500 gold lost to shop which I can't get back ๐Ÿ˜•
  5. fogelmamman11

    Gold Exchange

    There are some things that needs to be updated with the Gold Exchange and that is that you have you're own page where you can check/cancel your posts and not only in "Buy Gold" section since some of the pages dissapairs after a surtain amount of time/new posts. For example right now I can't find my 200g post which means I can't cancel it and is basically out of 200g ๐Ÿ˜• And possibly to make it harder for people to have monopolys is limit the amount of posts to either x amount of gold out at the same time or x amount of posts. Let me know your feedback
  6. fogelmamman11

    Gold Exchange

    Sorry for being alittle unpatient, but I remember seeing the post out already but didn't cancel it the first time, and now it's so far back in line that you can't see it. I can tell because other night there where 46 pages and now only 43 and my big deposit is nowhere to be found. If anyone could help me out that would be highly appreciated! My characters name is Ilifix and is not connected to this account since this one was made when sighning up for TBC.
  7. fogelmamman11

    Gold Exchange

    Thanks you for the reply, it has been 2 days now though.. Was hoping to get them back asap to reduce the cost cause I put them out too expensive ๐Ÿ˜•