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    Feral OT + dps powershifting build

    I've been leveling a feral druid and I'd love to raid with him as an OT and dps once I hit 60. I've been reading everything I've found about powershifting for dps, etc. I'm trying to put together a build that allows me to do both, checking the "A Grizzly Situation" guide, I've seen this one that sounds like what I'm looking for: "Feral Hybrid DPS/Tank 14/32/5 "The @Wortgewandt variant". Very much the same as the above build, but with the threat increasing talents dropped in order to add additional DPS talents. Less 'easy threat' than the above build, more DPS, more built around off tanking in raids than main tanking. Still able to tank dungeons just fine, but it will require more thought and less autopilot." I haven't been able to find the actual build, so I've created my own version, but I'd love some feedback from experienced feral players: https://classicdb.ch/?talent#0zLVhoZxbxsfbdtV Thanks!