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  1. sotka90

    new hearthstone

    So I deleted my Hearthstone, I have tried to go to an innkeeper to get a new one but only changes my "Inn". Any suggestions?
  2. sotka90

    Transferred charachter from Nostalrius

    When the characters are merged, will we get duplicate characters of those who is already available on Nighthaven? for instance I had my warrior for some reason but not my rogue and lock :P
  3. sotka90

    created a acc, cant login

    Thanks for the reply. Yeah but its wierd that I cant chose them. in server list it shows (3) characters on the server. but on character selection screen I only have my alt. Do I need to update with some patch or something? I got some raid gear on it. bwl etc
  4. sotka90

    created a acc, cant login

    The main and alts was on the same server (anathema) (or was it elysium?) I cant remember.... but I can see when I choose server that I have (3) characters on nighthaven ( can choose one character to play , and (2) on "nighthaven extra chars" which I cannot log in to.
  5. sotka90

    created a acc, cant login

    Thanks for the reply! The problem solved itself when I logged into elysium project account management. I really dont know what the problem initially was... I have one of my old characters there but not my "main" only my alt. is it possible to restore my main?
  6. sotka90

    created a acc, cant login

    Update! I forgot to change everything in the Realmlist.WTF etc, now I can login but it says my account is banned. tried to change my PW once again though no luck. Is there anyone that can help me with that?
  7. sotka90

    created a acc, cant login

    As the title says. I can't login to the game with my new account. I have tried resetting the password with no luck login in. The reason I created a new account was due to login issues on my "old" account. It had the same email address as my new one has. Tried resetting the password on it but still couldn't login. After some problems it suddenly didn't excist anymore. So I made this new one. Can anyone help me?