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  1. BlazeFury

    Update on server issue?

    There was a server restart some 10 minutes after my message and after the restart I asked the people in the world chat, they had the same problem too. I hope you keep a log of the world chat, you can check what I said by taking a look at it (search for "disconnect"). I don't know why they didn't reported it but they had this problem too. Today I played less but it looks like the server is in much better shape. I will delete my WDB and WTF folders right now.
  2. BlazeFury

    Update on server issue?

    I am getting a lot of disconnects right now, I disabled all the addons, I am getting disconnected every 5 minutes or so, the server is almost unplayable for me anymore.
  3. Yes, thanks, I knew that, that's where I got the sample "bindings-cache.wtf" file. But it's in a cryptic form, it contains lines like this: bind H TOGGLECHARACTER4 which are unintelligible for the user. the files I presented above contain lines like this Toggle Honor Pane "H" Not Bound TOGGLECHARACTER4
  4. When the WoW Classic will be launched, do you expect the players to leave in order to play retail WoW Classic? I think the effect will be the opposite: the launch of WoW Classic will attract a lot of attention and interest from the players, too many of them still don't know what Vanilla WoW is, so they will try to experience a private server too. I suggest the admins to prepare one or two more realms, just in case. Without investing too much energy in it, of course. Because nobody knows the effects of the WoW Classic launch on the private servers
  5. I was looking for a list of the default HotKeys in WoW and I could not find any. So I compiled such a list, for Vanilla WoW (version 1.12.1) - https://frostshock.github.io/wabc/#hotkeys.html - https://frostshock.github.io/wabc/hotkeys.html - https://frostshock.github.io/wabc/documents/vanilla-wow-key-bindings.xls .TXT Files: - The default Key Bindings in Vanilla WoW - https://frostshock.github.io/wabc/documents/vanilla-wow-key-bindings.txt - The version without the Blizzard ID column - https://frostshock.github.io/wabc/documents/vanilla-wow-key-bindings-noblizzid.txt - This is the two column version - https://frostshock.github.io/wabc/documents/vanilla-wow-key-bindings-2column.txt - The version that is sorted by hotkey - https://frostshock.github.io/wabc/documents/vanilla-wow-key-bindings-sorted.txt - Sorted by hotkey and without the Blizzard ID column (probably most useful for most of the people) - https://frostshock.github.io/wabc/documents/vanilla-wow-key-bindings-sorted-noblizzid.txt Also, the default bindings-cache.wtf file: - https://frostshock.github.io/wabc/samples/bindings-cache.wtf I'm quite sure I'm not the only one looking for a searchable list of WoW keyboard shortcuts so I hope this helps
  6. BlazeFury

    List of Bugs

    Thanks, I've filled this bug report a few days ago and it was wrongly closed (by Ziggy-QA ). How can I tell the developers to check it again? 2019-01-29 - Meeting stones don't work - https://github.com/elysium-project/classic-bug-tracker/issues/1060 I was not asking to implement summoning. But I was asking to make them work, like it worked on Blizzard's Vanilla WoW in 2006. They also work on other Vanilla Servers: The meeting stones allow you to click on them. Also, when you hover the mouse above them, they tell you the dungeon name and the dungeon level When you click on the meeting stone, it will put you on a queue. When there are other players doing the same, it will automatically put you in a group with those players. That's all Anyone can check the above statements, simply by logging into any other Blizzlike server No summoning. I wasn't asking for summoning How can I re-open the bug report?
  7. BlazeFury

    LF Addons CosmosUI feat Khaos

    Bump I would also like to know if there is any working version of CosmosUI out there
  8. BlazeFury

    An addon like WoW-AutoGratzer?

    Meanwhile I've found: Autograts - Sends “Grats” when someone “Dings” - https://legacy-wow.com/vanilla-addons/autograts/ AutoDing - Dings automatically to whatever channel - https://legacy-wow.com/vanilla-addons/autoding/
  9. BlazeFury

    Minimap icons of the addons

    Thanks for all the replies, I've updated the icons list according to the above answers Yet I can't find an addon named "CoolDown", the github vanilla addons list contains CooldownTimers but that addon doesn't have an icon.
  10. BlazeFury

    Minimap icons of the addons

    I've included this into the Vanilla WoW addons by category (wabc) project - https://frostshock.github.io/wabc/#Addons-List.html#minimap-icons The forum transforms the second "#" into "%23" so the link doesn't work properly at this moment, it does not jump to the right section in the page You have to scroll down to the bottom of the page.
  11. Hello everyone, I was thinking that it's probably a good idea to try to categorize the Vanilla WoW addons and I started this project: https://frostshock.github.io/wabc Please feel free to fork it. You can also mention addons here if you think it's a good idea for me to add them in that web page. Thank you
  12. BlazeFury

    Minimap icons of the addons

    Thanks! Can you please help me with this image too? I don't know the addons for icons numbers 3, 4, 6, 7, 11, 12, 14
  13. BlazeFury

    List of Bugs

    Thanks Starz, I will do it, soon. Until then, I will keep mentioning them here. A very annoying bug is the fact that you can't loot the corpses if there are too many corpses on top of each other. Like for example when you do this quest - [39] [Ghost-o-plasm Round Up] - in Desolace - it spawns a lot of centaur ghosts. You can AoE them and.. then you can't loot the quest item because of this bug. I've seen this bug on other servers too. Most of the private servers have a fix for it though but Elysium still has to fix it.
  14. Sometimes I find screenshots and I see there minimap buttons for various addons. I am always interested to find more useful addons so I'm intrigued by those icons. I think it would be nice to have an index of minimap icons for the WoW addons in general and for the Vanilla addons in particular. If you are interested in something like this, then please add in this thread. I find this stuff quite useful. Something like this: For example in this image, I don't know the addons for the icons 2, 3, 4, 7 and 8. Does anyone know what addons are they for? Thanks Later edit: updated screenshot
  15. Sorry to necro this thread but I was thinking about creating a new thread for Action Bar addons. Then I said it's probably better to just add to this thread. I am using Bongos - it's really good and it's very intuitive so it's really easy to configure it. Recently I've found Sprocket and RingMenu (also it has a thread on this forum for it) - they add extra action bars that open when you push a hotkey. It's very useful for mages, because they can put all the teleport and portal spells on those extra action bars. Also the profession buttons fit very well in such extra action bars. I'm looking for an addon that can add an action bar when you push a button on the regular action bars. Something like pushing the button for a macro, and the macro can contain something like /open extra-action-bar