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    Nightfall spec

    So I was reading about hunters in Vanilla and how don't they scale well. However I was reading that they can get an almost 40% uptime on Nightfall, so they would be the best Nightfall bots (if you gave it to a fury warrior for example, you would be losing DPS). I was also reading that you'd spec MM even if melee. And that hunters are used for kiting and tranq shot. And I am guessing you wouldn't have them use Serpent Sting or Immolate because of DOT space. I was playing around with specs, and I thought that maybe this might be helpful: https://classicdb.ch/?talent#cZVEq0xhtI0rf0o It allows some kiting, and boosts a little melee, but retains most of the MM stuff that is useful in case you need to be ranged. Is this viable, you think? I would think that if the guild designated the Nightfall hunter for kiting they would defeat the purpose, but other than putting those extra SV points in ranged talents that don't help the melee hunter, I am not sure where I would put them. I would possibly drop the imp Wingclip if it winds up taking up a debuff slot on the boss.