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  1. rexbur

    Blizzard spell doesn't work for me

    Raise the topic. Consecration doesn't work for transferred paladin.
  2. rexbur

    Character transfer

    May nickname of LH character is same as nickname of other character and that is why transfer utility says me that account has been already transfered?
  3. rexbur

    Character transfer

    Only one "Retributor"
  4. rexbur

    Character transfer

    Well You opened lightshope transfers i've used page to transfer my character on Nighthaven. It showed me that my account was already transfered, but unfortunately i dont see any changes/characters in my profile on site control panel/in game . Is that troubles on your side or i've installed wrong data? ( Dont really remember about account on Elysium, only know that there is only one character ) I didn't used ur option to transfer character before it become avaiable Also out of curiosity added nick name of character in my friend list on my main and saw that character is exist. I think when i gave you my DB for testing u imported on ur testing account or whatever
  5. rexbur

    Character transfer

    i'll pm you
  6. rexbur

    Character transfer

    Hello , recently players of Light-Hope have opportunity to get their character data base. Is it possible to transfer character from Lights-Hope such server to yours? If so how i can do it?
  7. Heya, Recently i watched for blizzard posts and found a thread here https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/wow/t/wow-classic-not-a-bug-list-updated-10-28-2019/175887/139 There is noticed that Righteous Fury should work on all holy abilites and it isn't a bug Here is some evidences how it works https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Qv-Povncwo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bTSzhJTHS5I Here is also one more blizzard's post https://ru.wowhead.com/news=295877/oct-28th-update-to-not-a-bug-list-thrash-mechanic-righteous-fury-sharpening-ston This means that holy abilities of the paladin like Greater Blessings of Kings how it showed on the videos, Holy Light / Flash of Light , judgements of wisdom or light, maybe cleanse should scale with Righteous Fury and manage big threats thanks to Righteous Fury