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  1. Zizek

    Bug on listing for coin

    Do you see if i have a 2 pending auction?
  2. Zizek

    Bug on listing for coin

    I have been withdraw 60 gold on april 12th and then i received 40 coin. Then i miss a 20 somewhere.
  3. Zizek

    Bug on listing for coin

    Any news?
  4. Zizek

    Bug on listing for coin

    Ok good to know, but now i still missing 20g or 20 coin on my account. Who can fix that?
  5. Zizek

    Bug on listing for coin

    Hello, My account is Xxxxxxx on your server. I have made 6 listing and 60 gold have been remove from my character Xxxxxxxxx on Nighthaven but i only see 4 auction on the other side to be buy. Where is the 2 missing listing? This have happen on april 12. Thanks, Zizek
  6. Hello guys, I play on a mac, and i'm looking for addons for vanilla who are compatible on a MAC. DPS meter, Healing, raid and stuff like that. Do you know a good source, if i'm asking, it's because i have already look an google and didnt find anything usefull. Thanks Zizek