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  1. Hi everyone ! Me and 2 of my friends are going to Play together Classic Wow. We absolutely don‘t want to Speed levelling, just having fun and questing/instancing. First of all, we want to play 3 trolls (Cause RP and fun about this crazy race) One Wants to Play war, good Point for us. I want to play Mage. My other friend is hesitating : priest or chaman... War + priest + mage ? Or War + chaman + mage ? We want to avoid fighting between us about gear (priest vs mage), but maybe chaman is too short about healing for instances. And I guess late game, priest will have to spe heal so it won’t be the same gear needed for each of us, even if it is only clothe gear. I am a little bit lost about this choice of class, and I have to inform that my friend doesn’t care about playing priest or chaman, we just want to know the most efficient team ! Thanks you and see you soonly!