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    GUIDE: Placing totems with 1 key, using Call of Elements

    same here, made configured set and press key for throwing totem set, nothing happens...
  2. Kozrek

    Hunter bugged

    Yes, I know this game, I'm done with the level 10 hunter-quest. I wrote I knew this game since open beta, so the pets here are totally bugged. I tamed enough pets to test, none of them have growl as it should. I tamed a stonetalon raptor in front of orgrimmar, he hasn't any skills. Skorpids there have only claw and poison, boars have only charge, none of them had growl.
  3. Kozrek

    Hunter bugged

    Nope, no pet has growl rank1 or 2. I tamed a raptor in durotar, that hasn't any skill. I know hat pets earning points, but the pet talent window isn't there, you can see it with 0 Points, normally. I deleted WDB and WTF folder, same bug. I played wow since open beta 2005. So I can't play hunter with this bug and must play another class. 😞
  4. Kozrek

    help for a maccro

    These macros doesn't work here. Tried it myself...
  5. Kozrek

    Hunter bugged

    I reached Level 10 with my orc hunter 1 hour ago. Gone with tamed pet to pet trainer in ogrimmar to get pet skill "growl", but only "growl rank 3 upwards" there (nowhere rank 1 & 2) and the pet talent tree is missing too.