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  1. Oh, so you mean that If I choose to copy my character and its bank alt to TBC server, I still have the right to play this character on the vanilla server?
  2. CantForget

    wrongly destroyed an item

    Hi, I am a warrior 'Sanlidan' in Nighthaven server. I wrongly destroyed an uncommon necklace [Strength of Mugamba]. Now I find that it is something that i need for the next stage quest. Is it possible that I recover it? No idea how to do that. Best regards.
  3. CantForget


    有,nevergarde 服务器YOUTH 工会
  4. CantForget

    Can not login.

    same here
  5. CantForget

    Nighthaven部落国人公会Hearth Stone纳新啦~