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    Warrior Guide leveling 1-60

    Can't wait to see more news about it :) good weekend all
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    Warrior Guide leveling 1-60

    In partner with Kargoz, and based on Elysium info, WoWisclassic created an English website to guide people in the future leveling. Warrior guide leveling 1-60 for Classic WoW Check it out and let me know if you like it, All discussions , feedback or argument details will be appreciated, I am not there to make business, only share content and share our video game passion. This is a community website and fan website as you are. Regards, Hope you are going well people :) GOGO CLASSIC !
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    Warrior Guide leveling 1-60

    https://www.wowisclassic.com/en/news/leak-released-date/ this is it as MJ would like to say ...waiting KAIVAX confirmation but it's on the way. Good monday guys
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    Warrior Guide leveling 1-60

    Classic WoW - 6 content phases confirmed. Blizzard has tweaked its plans for World of Warcraft: Classic. Get more info about all the 6 phases now based on both your feedback and our them deliberations ; 6 content phases confirmed Good day Elysium community