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  1. Alliance outnumber Horde since a long time now, I think it could help implementing some kind of advantages to those players who want to transfer to Horde. It would help the balance of the whole server. Just my 2 cents, hope GMs take it into consideration before things get worse
  2. molanski

    "World" channel.

    It didn't. Just join it again.
  3. molanski

    Dreadsteed not spawning

    Up. I'm on this last step of the chain. Is the event working? cause I have to involve 3 people to do this, and I don't want to bother others without reason. Can I get a feedback on this?
  4. So, I'm on the looong chain for the warlock epic mount and I need to go to Scholomance first and then DM. Needless to say I need a party, 3 people minimum I guess, but since TBC those dungeons are very difficult to organize. If anyone want to go there (even with lowbies) tell me please! you can find me in game on Ermete or Yamanote (Horde side) PS. I have the key to Scholomance already😎
  5. molanski

    Dreadsteed not spawning

    I'm halfway on this chain at the moment, it would be nice to know in advance if the event is fixed or not 😅
  6. molanski

    [H] Dreadsteed Summoning Service Nighthaven

    I am interested 🙂 the question is: does this good guy still play? you can find me in game on Ermete or Yamanote, contact please!
  7. molanski

    dishonorable kill

    So, today I was in party with someone who killed a civilian, and we all got the DK. Needless to say it wasn't intentional, and now I'm wondering if it's possible to cancel it. I'm new to the server but since I'm trying to raise my rank it's pretty frustrating.. Hope you can help. My character name is Ermete, orc warlock, lev 29.