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  1. My girlfriend is a level 12 Druid. My main is a level 34 Paladin: I have started earlier, I have bought some bags and some gold, and I play more. For her to catch up, she either she would need to start investing way more time into the game, or I would have to wait. So, my solution to start playing with her was to make another character, get to her level quickly, and then only play when she is playing. Her dream role is healer. She has reached to around level 50 in TBC and vanilla about ten years ago playing as a Priest, this time she wants a bit different experience, so she has chosen a Druid. A healer and a tank is probably the best combo, and Warrior is the best tank, so it is my choice for now. The problem is that I am a noob. This will be my second character, and I have read in many guides that it's a huge pain to level a Warrior. However, this pain largely comes from being unable to heal oneself, and guides often offer strategies to overcome this particular problem. But, always having a healer behind my back, I will not suffer from the problem in the first place. As the guides spend so much time talking about overcoming the "no healing" problems, I am asking: what is the best spec or what are the best specs for this particular combo? I liked being a Miner-Engineer on my main -- will it work well on a Warrior? What is the better strategy to level -- still questing, or might it be better to farm instances at some point(s) to get better gear on my character? I was also told that playing a Warrior is a lot harder overall, as you have a lot more abilities to use. When does it start to kick in? I thank everyone in advance for answering those questions and appreciate any help. UPD: I'd like to be the tank in every instance/Elite quest that we enter, and I'd like to always be able to do that, not focusing solely on dealing damage. It's OK if leveling speed suffers due to this, but at least I'd like to know the possible alternatives and how much each of them will hurt me. For instance, I reached level 34 in Holy spec as a Paladin, and I like it a lot.