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    PvP Healing Priest Professions

    Hi everyone. I'm a new priest in general, and I am so excited to be a healer. I've been a warrior tank for most of my past life, and I eventually moved into PvP. I realize I wanted to try something new, and I wanted to be THE healer class, just like warrior are THE tank class. So priest was a no brainer. I hope to raid, but I also hope to PvP. I feel like for raids, I won't have many issues, but PvP I'm clearly going to be the squishy target. So with that in mind, I want to go with a profession and build for PvP. Most guides and information out there speak of doing tailoring, enchanting, herbalism, alchemy or engineering for professions. They don't really speak to if it's for PvP, for DPS or Healing. For the most part, all guides say GET TAILORING. You need those Truefaith Vestments. I don't know if that's relevant to Elysium though. What do you think? Considering I want to be a healer in PvP, engineering often recommended for PvP but it is associated with DPS. I don't want to melt faces, I want survivability, ability to peel, and anything else that professions can offer. Guides day Gnomish Mind Control Cap is good, but we already have mind control right? Goblin Rocket boots are great, but they are a consumable, Goblin Rocket Helmet is an offensive thing as well. There are tons of things that make me think these guides think PvP is for shadow only. So, again, I'm not sure, is this relevant to healers? Alchemy provides plenty of situation utility type stuff, but at the end of the day I could probably buy most of these on the auction house if need be. Is there anything else associated with this that having alchemy would create an advantage? I plan on Herbalism to be my money making profession. I don't really want to level an alt for money, or not just yet. I've ignored getting enchanting, I think that these guides think it's a money maker during leveling. I feel that I could always use a bank alt to disenchant. What do you think? People often say to replace Tailoring with a different profession after getting the truefaith vestments, is this a wise choice? My priest is level 12 right now, and i wanted to kill two birds with one stone and level what I can to make it easier to level. Currently in my ignorance I have Herbalism and Alchemy. I like alchemy and all, but I want to be sure I am not passing up other opportunities. Thanks for the help everyone!