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    I know its a NECRO, but... Ok, i tested it, lvl 60. Bloodseeker, Roch De'l;ear, Stonesomething(from DMW, little crossbow), random greens of all speeds It Sorta works, usually only does multishot, but if you move things around on the action bars, SOMETIMES it will do a perfect rotation. I tried messing with some of the lua values, un equipping +15% quiver, none of that helped as much as movong things around on action bar. What seems to work best is to put Auto shot in slot 1, Aimed in 2, Multi in 3, then swap multi and aimed if it doesnt work. Any progress?
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    Hunter rotation addon

    Holy Necro Batman! is theres another place to put this info? Testing The app. First of all (lucky for us players who have put the work in) it is NOT Optimised,, id estimate if it work correctly, it seems to do about 70- 80% dps as a well done rotation. Tested with several weapons and Quivers. 1. Only works properly on level 60. 2. MUST have a slow weapon for auto shot to fire (tested with Bloodseeker, Rhoc Delear, Stoneshatter, Griffonwing longbow, and a few random ones 3. Put Aimed Shot in slot 2 of action Bar, Multi in slot 2. (if aimed doesnt work ever reverse it, shouldnt matter but aimed didnt work til i did that) 4. Seems to work best on elite/ high xp targets 5. Starts rotation with either aimed or multi (not autoshot) Today im going to test it properly,, with a Priest friend that can keep healing themselves. Going to compare this app,, spamming multi/aimed (hitting them off cooldown ignoring white damage, and preforming a TryHard rotation. Things this app needs Imo. A way to adjust for weapon speed/latency? instructions on whay values to change to get it working. A setting to initiate with Autoshot, Aimed shot, or multishot,,,currently it usually opens with an aimed shot,,im guessing thats for pvp? most of us raid hunters like to open with autoshot first,,followed by either aimed or multi depending on the situation. this is a brief test just on farming,,, will test more if there is still interest.