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    Vanish buging in dungeons

    i have done this, but if there is any mage that has direct LoSof me no matter where i am it will keep shooting its spell at me as if i did not vanish.
  2. aisfbajkhsfb

    Vanish buging in dungeons

    I have been running instances on my rogue to pickpocket for gold and level lp. whenever I vanish mobs will occasionally just keep attacking me as if I did not vanish at all, this is becoming a bigger problem when graveyards are going to be way farther from the instance just because of a vanish bug. please fix this because it is really irritating when you vanish away from mobs original spots but then all of sudden they just keep attacking you bringing you out of your "improved stealth" state to then die and have to walk back which could have not happened if it wasn't for this bug, and as far as i know vanish is not like feign death from hunter where it can be resisted, vanish is not resistable. sincerely, -facesmashed keyboard name!