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    got banned

    I can confirm. Got banned fur using 3rd party - aka bot or hack (while i am not using any 3rd party apps and mods) - playing on wine and xubuntu 18.0.4 LTS. May be some hashes are changed in wine and guards take this for threat. Take care wile playing in Linux. Take care for big addon packs as they may need some files to be replaced to work. Take care when you do this in Linux.
  2. Boza

    got banned

    Did someone get appeal reviewed last week?
  3. Boza

    got banned

    GMs response very quickly on most cases but according to me, banned accounts are not priority. So i started new clear account and hope wont get new ban ๐Ÿ˜ž May be i will go to 60 before review of appeal ๐Ÿ™‚
  4. Thanks for reply ๐Ÿ™‚ I have another question. Is it against server policy to vote with multiple accounts, to get 28 slot bags faster or buy some more gold on market and get quicker new mount. We all know farming 100% mount is a pain in vanilla. It's not generating new gold but it can generate new shop coins, does it count as botting or cheating? Also is it forbidden to trade goods in game for Vanity items - like if 2 persons agree to trade 28 slot bag for 50 gold in game, how do you regulate this. I am talking about having 2-3 accounts, but someone can made 100 accounts and get 300 coins per day and affect black market.
  5. Does someone know if i sell/buy character does it go with all items equiped and all items and gold in bags and bank, mounts, proffetions, recipes, quests done etc. ?
  6. Boza

    got banned

    I have my account with 2x 60s on Nighthaven banned 3 days ago. No responce to appeal so far. I guess many accounts was banned past days and GM have a lot of work. Anyone know if playing wow on linux with wine app to run windows apps on linux may cause ban by Warden guard?