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  1. Jeddahwe

    TBC Paid Services

    TBC server is not showing on my control panel, I wish to purchase a faction change.
  2. Hi, I wish to purchase a faction change but only Nighthaven is showing, what do I do?
  3. Blasted is filled with ally and horde are no where to be seen. I don't know if this was a known issue? Faction balance is horrible and I ask for free faction transfer offered to all horde. TBC IS UNPLAYABLE as Horde.
  4. Jeddahwe

    Can't Log In

    Great thanks!
  5. Jeddahwe

    Can't Log In

    Downloaded from forum link here and used my normal log in but it is not working. I use : realmlist logontbc.elysium-project.org I get Authenticating then Disconnected From Server.
  6. Jeddahwe

    IMPORTANT: TBC Expansion & More!

    Great news THX!
  7. Jeddahwe

    IMPORTANT: TBC Expansion & More!

    I believe they are unable to deliver on the promise of TBC on schedule -don't expect TBC before 2020.
  8. On the newest server, kindly lift Multibox restrictions for Vanilla. Not only is the server low population, pretty much everyone is waiting for TBC. Boosting our alts through 5 man and elite quests is how we pass the time. It is near impossible finding groups and limiting multibox to just x2 characters would in no way diminish other players gaming experience. At the very least, distinguish between multibox (multiple characters of exact same class played by x1 computer) and main boosting alt -they are NOT the same.
  9. Jeddahwe

    Q2 Ends Next Week, UPDATE?

    Blizzard official client is available for download, you guys don't have much time before people commit to which game!
  10. Hi, You gave Q2 2019 as launch target, well Q2 ends is days, update?
  11. Jeddahwe

    Warlock Mount Quest Bug

    The quest Dreadsteed of Xoroth has completed in my quest log, the golden ? can be seen above the steed but will not interact with me .. An obvious bug that breaks progress! Opened a ticket but GM refuses to deal with it!
  12. WTB x4 lvl 60 player help to get this quest done on Nethergarde H.
  13. If you are interested I am willing to pay level 60 players to help me run scholo/DM as to complete the Warlock mount quest. Kindly message me your in-game name and gold amount you would like for 2 hours help. Server: Nethergarde H
  14. Jeddahwe

    TBC Server Updates?

    Can you at least share your thoughts on launch timing strategy regarding official WoW ? Before Vs During Vs After?
  15. Hi, Fresh 60 Horde Warlock here and looking for a group that is also aiming to get raid keys/attunements done and also the Warlock Epic mount Quest (im on scholo part).