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  1. Jeddahwe

    Warlock Mount Quest Bug

    The quest Dreadsteed of Xoroth has completed in my quest log, the golden ? can be seen above the steed but will not interact with me .. An obvious bug that breaks progress! Opened a ticket but GM refuses to deal with it!
  2. WTB x4 lvl 60 player help to get this quest done on Nethergarde H.
  3. If you are interested I am willing to pay level 60 players to help me run scholo/DM as to complete the Warlock mount quest. Kindly message me your in-game name and gold amount you would like for 2 hours help. Server: Nethergarde H
  4. Jeddahwe

    TBC Server Updates?

    Can you at least share your thoughts on launch timing strategy regarding official WoW ? Before Vs During Vs After?
  5. Hi, Fresh 60 Horde Warlock here and looking for a group that is also aiming to get raid keys/attunements done and also the Warlock Epic mount Quest (im on scholo part).
  6. Jeddahwe

    [Nethergarde] WTB Shaman +40

    WTB Shaman, price depends on gear/class quests, etc.
  7. Jeddahwe

    IMPORTANT: TBC Expansion & More!

    Your 'shop' is why I play here, please allow double xp tokens to carry over to TBC as well as coin/gold shop. I purchased a perma double XP token and I hope to do so for TBC. Any target date for launch?
  8. Jeddahwe

    @ lvl 44 Full Affi?

    I play the cookie cutter Master Summoner then all Affi leveling spec. At 44 I can respec and go 34 Aff (https://classicdb.ch/?talent#IEMiVMboV) Improved Drain Life+Fel Conc+SM .. The idea is just DoT and drain. Has any one tried this mid leveling?